Vortex Coffee – Full-service coffee solution for offices

Vortex Coffee is an innovative full-service coffee solution for offices. It includes trusted professional WMF coffee makers that meet your business requirements and customers' demands.
Vortex Coffee – Up-to-Date Coffee Corner
A coffee-corner in the office is more than just a modern trend. It is a vital spot for employees that boosts their productivity. It creates a necessary environment inside the company and appears to be a compatible advantage for new applicants seeking vacant positions.

Vortex Coffee comes as an ultimate solution with a richer feature set if compared to typical coffee-corners. It boasts enhanced flexibility and can be installed at gas stations, malls, supermarkets, etc.
Who Is It For?
We introduce a flexible coffee solution that will fit various spaces and sales points from c-stores and gas stations to supermarkets and malls.
Compact Solution for Small Venues
For venues with 10+ visitors
Expanded Solution for Growing Business
For venues with 1000+ visitors.

Basic Vortex Coffee Package

German Quality
WMF 1500 S model comes with a built-in computer module. Customers can order other popular WMF coffee makers including 1100 S and some other popular models that work great for retail and other fields.
Additional Equipment
The basic package includes reliable refrigerators and pump systems with extended durability and longer lifespan.
Modern technologies
The coffee maker comes with an integrated remote monitoring system featuring several connection types including USB and 3G.
Advanced Card Reader
You can track the amount of coffee drunk by employees as well as control the access to the coffee-corner by means of cards. They can be programmed on a specific number of coffee sessions for each person.
Why Choose Vortex Coffee
We are not specialized in supplying or selling coffee to offices. Our mission is to deliver a full-service corporate solution to create up-to-date working spaces with an advanced coffee-corner. Such approach lets employers create a favorable corporate environment and improve the company's productivity.
Advanced technologies
We offer a flexible solution that comes with an integrated feature set. A customer gets full access to a remote monitoring system to take care of each coffee machine from a single dashboard. The package includes technical support and maintenance, coffee beans supplies, a stylish module for your coffee-corner and innovative IT solutions in the face of barcode and card readers.

Vortex Coffee Mets The Highest Standards

Remote monitoring
You get an all-in-one coffee solution with the integrated remote monitoring system to keep an eye on the equipment in real time.
Full Control
Advanced IT instruments make it easy to track the amount of coffee consumed as well as provide restricted access to some of the employees.
Great Taste
We offer high-quality coffee beans at the most reasonable price to let you enjoy great coffee drinks cup after cup.

Advanced Vortex Coffee Package

Coffee Module
A coffee module is designed to fit your office interior. We consider your own preferences and likes in arms of design.
Cup Sensor
The system will notify you every time you are running out of cups. You will always be aware to order cups promptly.
Water Sensor
The system keeps you aware of the amount of water left inside the coffee machine. It will minimize the risk of coffee makers breaking down.
Team Vortex System
Our self-crafted IT solution that turns a mundane process of buying coffee into an entertaining event with prizes and improved customer loyalty.
LED Screen
We can install 1 or 2 LED screens upon customer's request. They can be used to transmit various ad campaigns, promotions, special personalized offers, etc.
Movement Sensor
The sensor is able to automatically recognize a new customer walking up to the coffee module and make the process faster for people on the go.

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